Board of AdvisorsBoard of Advisors

Derick Brown

Derick Brown is a Youth Counselor at the Youth Guidance Center of San Francisco. He is responsible for coordinating and planning daily program activities for underprivileged youth between the ages of 10-18. Previously Mr. Brown served as the Director of Teen Services at the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco for 6 years where he staffed and supervised teenagers working as “teen staff” around the facility to expose and prepare them for the work force. As the Student Trustee of the City College of San Francisco, Mr. Brown advocates on behalf of fellow students. Born and Raised in San Francisco, CA, Derick Brown is a devoted father and stresses the importance of quality education for children to grow and succeed.


Clenzell Bryant (Junior Advisor)

Clenzell Bryant received a Good For Kids Coaching Scholarship in 2008 for Basketball. Since graduating from the Coaching Program, Clenzell has played on his schools' basketball teams, competed in an all-star game for 8th graders against teachers who played colllege ball, and participated in Good For Kids workshops. He is an active member of both the BGCSF and the YMCA.  In June of 2010, Clenzell was awarded a scholarship to attend Hooked on Hoops. He is currently in the 9th grade and continues to play basketball regularly.


Iesha Gosman (Junior Advisor)

Iesha Gosman received a Good For Kids Coaching Scholarship in 2009 for Lacrosse. Since graduating from the Coaching Program, Iesha has participated on the Southern Marin Lacrosse Team.  Iesha regularly participates in Good for Kids workshops and has continued to work with her Good For Kids coach to improve her lacrosse skills and co-lead a youth lacrosse camp. Iesha is an active member of the BGCSF and recently received a 2010 Camp Mendocino award.  Iesha is currently in the 8th grade. 


Ellee Koss

Ellee Koss has over 30 years of experience as a consultant and an educator. She is a graduate of Boston University, with a Ph. D. in Economics and a BA in International and Comparative Studies. As a professor, Ellee worked to bring out the best of what was within her students while teaching such courses as Economics, Statistics, The Creation and Leadership of Change, and Globalization. In her consulting practice, Dr. Koss has been a pioneer and early leader in utilizing vision and values to drive corporate strategy, transformation, and effectiveness. Dr. Koss has also committed time and energy to working with youth in underserved communities in San Francisco and Boston. In Boston, she was a co-founder of Hand in Hand, a not for profit organization designed to support young people in envisioning, initiating and implementing service oriented projects in their communities. She currently coaches boy's lacrosse in the Bay Area and was a swimming teacher and coach for many years.


Jenny Li (Junior Advisor)

Jenny Li received a Good For Kids Coaching Scholarship in 2007 for Fine Arts. Since graduating from the Coaching Program, Jenny has continued to develop her painting, sculpture, and fashion desgin skills.  She has exhibited her work in San Francisco's DeYoung Museum, received local art competition awards, and been active in Good For Kids workshops. Jenny has also pursued her interest in singing through participation in a local choir.  In 2009, she was an Assistant Art Coach for scholarship recipient, Ramadh Thomas. In the summer of 2010, Jenny attended The College for Teens at City College, San Francisco.  Most recently Jenny served as a GFK Reporter for which she attended and reported on the 2010 Coaching Program class sessions. Jenny is currently in the 10th grade.


Harold Love

Harold Love is a mid westerner at heart and a youth developer by trade. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Southern Illinois in Carbondale in 1992, and his Masters of Science in Human Services Administration from Springfield College in 2001. He currently serves as a Senior Director of Program Services for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco where he oversees the operations of three Clubhouses and a 2,000 acre camp called Camp Mendocino in Mendocino County. Prior to working with Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco he worked a total of ten years at YMCAs in Evanston, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Palo Alto, California; and Wichita, Kansas, holding a number of positions from Director of Outreach to Executive Director.


Rosa Stevens

Rosa Stevens, born and raised in San Francisco, is the proud parent of five children, ages 11 through 27. Ms. Stevens attended City College, Skyline College in San Bruno and Ohlone College in Fremont, California before enlisting in the US Army “the best decision I ever made for my own self-discovery.” When she’s not commuting to Fremont and San Jose as a Sales Coach Leader. Ms. Stevens and her husband, Donald, enjoy keeping up with their children. Two of her sons, Geron and Marvin, introduced her to break dancing about 2 years ago and she thought they would lose interest. Before long their interest and skills developed and now she is an avid fan of b-boy and break dancing. Ms. Stevens is proud to represent parents in San Francisco as an advisory board member of the Good For Kids Foundation.


Kimberly Stone

Kimberly Stone is a mother, lawyer and lobbyist who joined her husband to co-found the Adelante Foundation, a non-profit micro credit organization in Honduras. She is a 1996 graduate of Stanford University School of Law and received an undergraduate degree from Stanford University in American Studies. Ms. Stone is a former prosecutor (Deputy District Attorney in San Mateo County and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in San Diego) who now works as a lobbyist in Sacramento for the Civil Justice Association of California. Previously, she spent five years with the Adelante Foundation as Director of Development responsible for fundraising, planning, and grant development.


Lexus Thomas-Trail (Junior Advisor)

Lexus Thomas-Trail received a Good For Kids Coaching Scholarship in 2009 for Hip hop and Modern Dance. Since graduating from the Coaching Program, Lexus has continued to dance, perform in her schools' theatre productions, and been active in Good For Kids workshops. In the summer of 2010, Lexus participated in the Mayor's Youth Employment and Education program and began participating in College Track.  Lexus recently took on the role of MC at the 2010 Coaching Program Graduation. She is currently in the 9th grade at one of the Bay Area's top private high schools where she is furthur developing her dance skills. Lexus is interested in pursuing dance professionally.