Janette's BiographyJanette's Biography

Janette received a 2009 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Art

Jannette spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2009 developing and refining her skills with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading art instructors, Susan Lynn Smith, MFA, San Francisco Art Institute.

One of Janette's favorite things to do when she is not in school is art.  She also enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

If she could teach one thing to a friend it would be how to paint.

Left: Janette constructs a diarama.


Achievements since Coaching

2011 Janette participates in San Francisco Art Institute's City Studio ceramics class. 
2011 Janette attends the Green Art Kite Workshop and visited the Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance exhibition at the Asian Art Museum.
Janette takes on role as Good for Kids Reporter for the Coaching Scholarship Program.
Janette receives a scholarship to attend ArtSeed's Summer Program in San Francisco.
Janette works as a Teaching Assistant to the Art Director at the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco Ernest Ingold clubhouse.
2010 Janette receives 1st place in the citywide and California state Boys and Girls Clubs Fine Art Competition for monochromatic drawing. She continued to the National competition and exhibition.
2010 Janette works with Susan Lynn Smith, Beth Molnar (BGCSF), and at Sharon Art Studio to develop her interest in art and build her portfolio.