Susy's BiographySusy's Biography

Susy with Instructor in 1st week of Coaching Program- Nov 8, 2006 Susy received a 2006 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Art

Susy spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks developing and refining her skills with one of San Francisco's leading fine arts instructors, William Mayfield.

When Susy is not in school or studying, one of her favorite things to do is drawing. She enjoys it because it takes her mind to a world away from concerns and school work.

Over the years, the coolest and weirdest thing Susy has discovered is that one of her legs is an inch longer than the others. She discovered this when a doctor took an x-ray of her back.

If Susy could teach one thing to her friends it would be to live life to it's fullest with family and friends and to cherish everything they have.

Photo: Susy works with Bill in the first week of instruction.


Achievements since Coaching

2011 Susy receives a full scholarship to attend National Outdoor Leadership School’s (NOLS) Whitewater River Expedition during the summer.
Susy exhibits her artwork in San Francisco's DeYoung Museum.
2007 Susy joins the Good for Kids Advisory Board as a junior member.