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About Team Good For Kids 2011

This year’s Team Good For Kids racers are Lia Farley from Oakland, Stephen
Major from Concord, Nicholas Wickes from San Francisco, and Joe Osha from
Hong Kong/Oakland.

This April, Team Good For Kids will be competing in a 7-day expedition
length stage race in Nepal. They race to raise awareness and
support for Good For Kids programs.


About Lia

Oakland resident and two-time women’s champion, Lia Farley, joins Team
Good For Kids for her fifth 150-mile expedition length footrace in Nepal.

Lia has experienced all formats of competitions and adventures including
bikepacking cross country from Oregon to Georgia, along the Great
Continental Divide between Canada and Mexico, and across New Zealand.
Farley also participates in 12 to 24 hour adventure races and runs in the
Bay Area, including the Gorge Games, Red Tail, Pirates Cove, and the
Sierra Nevada Endurance Run. Lia’s first expedition length stage race was
the 2007 Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert, followed by the Racing
the Planet: Gobi March 2008, where she placed 1st in the women’s division
and 8th overall. In Racing the Planet: Namibia 2009, Farley came in 5th
overall, and 2nd in the women’s division, and in Racing the Planet: Australia,
Farley came in 3rd overall, and 1st in the women’s division.

Lia’s Bio [Links to Media Press Release]


About Stephen

Stephen has competed in 5K and 10K races in California in support of various
charities. He has run the Bay to Breakers race four times, and has
experience in team relay runs such as the De Salle Relay around Lake Tahoe
and the Providian Relay from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. Major has also
competed in large group cycling events raising money for juvenile
diabetes, and cancer research. Major began his preparation for this year’s
expedition race by participating in the California Marathon in Sacramento.
In his first Racing the Planet: Australia, Steve came in 53rd out of 198.

Major serves as a Fire Engineer with the South County Fire Authority in
Tracy, CA. Prior he worked for East Contra Costa Fire, Nevada County Fire,
CAL Fire (CDF), and for the US Forest Service.

Stephen’s Bio [Links to Media Press Release]


About Nicholas

 Wickes began competing in Bay Area challenges, like the Escape from
Alcatraz swim, and the Vineman Half-Ironman in Guerneville, CA. After
completing his first expedition length race in the Sahara desert in 2003,
he went on to compete in the 2006 Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica,
followed by the RacingthePlanet: Atacama Crossing 2006 in Chile. Wanting
to share the adventure with other Bay Area athletes, he formed Team Good
For Kids in 2007, and returned to the Sahara desert to the expedition race
that started it all, the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert.
RacingthePlanet: Australia 2010 will be Nicholas’ 8th expedition race. He
has already raced in the Gobi, Sahara, Atacama, Namib, and The Kimberly deserts.

Wickes has performed the role of Executive Director of Good For Kids
since its inception in 2004. He is also owner of Tracebase
Solutions, a Quality Assurance company.

Nicholas’ Bio [Links to Media Press Release]


About Team Good For Kids

Good For Kids Executive Director, Nicholas Wickes, founded Team Good For
Kids in 2007 to raise awareness and support for the foundation. Team Good
For Kids has competed in the 2007 Marathon des Sables in the Sahara
desert, RacingThePlanet: Gobi March 2008, RacingThePlanet: Namibia
2009, and RacingThePlanet: Australia.

To join Team Good For Kids for RacingThePlanet: Nepal 2011 and/or
RacingThePlanet: Atacama Crossing 2012, please email


About Expedition Length Footraces

 Many expedition length footraces are seven-day staged events that normally
take place in the desert, covering over 150 miles of varied terrain. The
six stages of the race are between 10 to 60 miles, averaging 24 miles a
day, with one stage between 50-60 miles. Racers carry up to 30 lb
backpacks with the required food, equipment, and clothing for 7 days. A
liter and a half of water is provided at each 7-mile interval, where the
race organization also provides medical centers to take care of everything
from blisters to heat stokes. At the end of each stage, racers are
provided a tent, which they share with 6 to 10 other races. They recoup,
mend damages, and socialize, while rehydrating their evening meals, and
preparing for the next day’s stage.


About RacingThePlanet

 RacingThePlanet is a unique category of rough country footraces that take
place over seven days and some 250 kilometers in remote and culturally
rich locations around the world. Competitors must carry all their own
equipment and food, are only provided with water and a place in a tent
each day but are supported by professional medical and operations
teams.<I>RacingThePlanet</I> is international; the events typically
involve competitors from over 20 different countries who are able to
mingle around the campfires and in their geographically mixed tents.
Currently the events consist of the 4 Deserts, a series which encompasses
the Gobi Desert in China, the Atacama Desert of Chile, the Sahara Desert
in Egypt and Antarctica, and a fifth event, which roves to a new location
each year. Source: RacingThePlanet.


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