Maya's BiographyMaya's Biography

Maya Maya received a 2010 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Performing Arts

Maya spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2010 developing and refining her skills with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading dance coaches Desiree Dela Pena.

Some of Maya's favorite activities to do when she is not in school include singing, dancing, and spending time with her pets and friends.  She likes to “draw or paint because you can express yourself in any way” and sometimes “listen to music and draw because I can draw what I hear.”

If Maya could teach one thing to a friend it would be "how to do a cartwheel."

Left: Maya practices her dance performance. 


Achievements since Coaching

2011 Maya explores her performance skills through classes at ODC – The Center for Dance in the West.
Maya attends the Green Art Kite Workshop and utilized recycled materials to make an art kite dedicated to a personal hero.