Clenzell's BiographyClenzell's Biography

Clenzell received a 2008 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Basketball

Clenzell spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2008 developing and refining his skills with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading youth Basketball coaches and former NCAA Division III finalist, Wade Weitgreff.

One of Clenzell's favorite things to do when he is not in school is play sports to stay in shape. He also enjoys playing football and if he could teach one thing to a friend it would be how to play quarterback.

The coolest thing Clenzell has ever discovered is that "your jumpshot is all about your elbow."

Left: Clenzell practices behind-the-back ball handling skills with Coach Wade.


Achievements since Coaching

2010 Clenzell joins Good for Kids Advisory Board as a junior member.
2009 Clenzell continues to play basketball regularly and in 2009 played on his school’s basketball team.