Geron's BiographyGeron's Biography

Geron show skills to guests at Mid-Scholarship Exhibition, week 7, December 20th 3006Geron received a 2006 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Breakdancing/B-boying

Geron spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks developing and refining his skills with one of San Francisco's leading b-boy instructors, Ron Creer.

One of Geron's favorite activities when he's not in school is breakdancing/b-boying. When he's not studying or running track, he enjoys rehearsing with his brother and dancing with their crew, Funkin' Fools.

If Geron could teach one thing to a friend, he would teach them how to do The Baby, a b-boy move that audiences enjoy because it makes the body look like it's twisted.

Left: Geron show his skills to guests at Mid-Scholarship Exhibition.