Lexus' BiographyLexus' Biography

Lexus received a 2009 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Hip-hop Dance

Lexus spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2009 developing and refining her skills with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading dance coaches with a Master's in Ethnochoreology, Jena McRae.

One of Lexus' favorite things to do when she is not in school is dance "because it is one of the best ways for me to express my feelings and when I dance it always brings joy in my heart." She also enjoys reading "because it's like I'm able to go into my own world and dream while being awake."

If Lexus could teach one thing to a friend it would be "to live everyday like it's tomorrow and like yesterday never happened". And the coolest thing Lexus ever discovered was a bear.

Left: Lexus, left, practices dance moves with Jena.


Achievements since Coaching

2010 Lexus emcees the Good for Kids Graduation Event.
Lexus joins the Good for Kids Advisory Board as a junior member.
2010 Lexus wins 1st place in the 30th Annual Oratorical/Musical Contest presented by the SF Alliance of Black School Educators.
2010 Lexus stars in her school’s production of Beauty and the Beast.