Davonte's BiographyDavonte's Biography

Davonte received a 2009 Good for Kids Coaching Scholarship for Art

Davonte spent 3 hours a week for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2009 developing and refining his skills with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading art instructors, Claire Jackal, MFA, San Francisco Art Intsitute.

One of Davonte's favorite things to do when he is not in school is draw.  He also enjoys playing football and video games.

The coolest thing Davonte ever discovered was a hundred dollars on the way to school.

Left: Davonte takes a break from painting.


Achievements since Coaching

2010 Davonte joines the Peer Resource Program at his school and is now part of the Conflict Resolution Team.
2010 Davonte wins first place in the Ernest Ingold Boys and Girls Clubhouse Fine Art Exhibition for collage. His work was also included in the citywide competition.