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At Good For Kids, we empower 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to Disover, Develop, and Achieve through our Summer Camp Program, 1-to-1 Arts and Sports Coaching, and Advisory Services and Life Skills Workshops.

Summer Camp - Discover

Scholarship recipients Miki, Geron, and Raytrina

Our summer camp program represents phase one in our work to help children discover, develop, and achieve through their skills in arts and sports. We work with other local organizations, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, to introduce children to a camp environment full of sports, arts, and outdoor life education. Camp sessions last between 7-10 days and open our Camp Scholarship recipients eyes and hearts to a wide range of activities in a safe, professional, remote natural environment. Here they're free to discover.

Right: 2006 Scholarship Recipients Miki, Geron , and Raytrina

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1-to-1 Coaching - Develop

Javon, Family, and Coach JP, Coaching Scholarship Graduation

We believe that individualized coaching and instruction provides the most impactful learning environment for children to develop their arts and athletics skills. In Phase 2 of our series, we select candidates who we believe will benefit the most from a 3 hour a week, 12-15 week 1-to-1 coaching scholarship. With the support of art and sports professionals in the community, we provide tuition, a coach, and the facility necessary for the scholarship reipients to exploring the depths of their ability and realize their potential as individuals.
Right: Javon, his parents and brother, and coach JP at Good For Kids Graduation 2007


Advisory Services - Achieve

Once our scholarship recipients have graduated from the 1-to-1 coaching program, we work with them through high-school to stay involved with their activity and broaden their understanding of it's scope and opportunities. Through our partners, we develop internships, apprenticeships, life-skills workshops, and other levels of commitment for our members to broaden their understanding of their art or sport and the application of their skills in their communities. This provides them with the opportunity to achieve their goals through their own ability and commitment. This is also their time to mentor younger members of Good For Kids and to infuse their lessons learned into shaping Good For Kids programs for the future.  

Right: Jenni, Lexis, Janette, and Maya at the GFK Green Art Workshop 2010


Human Empowered Arts Project (HEAP Bozeman)

In January 2012, Good For Kids became the fiscal agent of the Human Empowered Arts Project (HEAP Bozeman).  HEAP Bozeman was created by Anna Hernandez, GFK Marketing Manager.  Anna was inspired by GFK's Green Art Workshops to pilot a version of this program in Bozeman, MT. HEAP Bozeman will launch during the Gallatin Earth Celebration on April 21, 2012.  GFK will be HEAP Bozeman's Fiscal Agent 2012-2013.

HEAP inspires upcycle creativity and empowers our community through environmental awareness and contribution.The Human Empowered Arts Project's (HEAP Bozeman) mission is to empower our community through creative and environmental education in partnership with the city of Bozeman’s teachers, artists, non-profits, institutions, and businesses.  HEAP Bozeman's activities will increase awareness and promote community action towards diverting reusable items for the exploration of making the common uncommon.  HEAP's vision is to live in a community that thinks before it tosses. The small choices we make everyday contribute to Bozeman's culture and character.